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Fallout D20
Fallout d20

The Fallout Campaign is based on a nearly unmodified "D20 Modern" and "Urban Arcana" rule set. Player Characters starts as one of the 6 Hero types listed in this book. All mundane advanced classes are available. The only magic using classes are the Acolyte, Glamerist, Mystic, and Wild Lord plus a few unique to the world of Fallout.

The World as We Know It
Fallout is a game based on a post nuclear war society at the end of the 22nd century. Most of the human survivors come for fallout shelters known as Vaults. A great number of these were created as the threat of war loomed. Each is numbered and it is believed dozens were built within North America. Humans born inside these fallout shelters are called Vault Dwellers. Vault Dwellers have lived for decades in hermetically sealed isolation and possess the closest to mutation free genes that currently exists. The key to their survival is their technology. Food is grown in large algae vats. Water is detoxified and irradiated by the Water Chip. Most of these humans have become agorophobes and isolationists due to this prolonged seclusion. All Vault Dwellers are technophiles and can't see existing without technology.

During the long nuclear winter, many Vaults failed and their population was forced to abandon it. This periodic release of undamaged humans is likely the only reason humans exist on the surface at all and have contributed to the societies that now exist in the wastelands. English the universal spoken language of North America, but small pockets of regional languages do exist.

Outside the Vaults, humans survive as best they can. These human proudly call themselves Wastelanders. These humans are more independent and pragmatic than Vault Dwellers. Unfortunately, they also suffer from diseases and heath problems long since cured by 22nd century medicine.

Not all surface people are quite human. Due to their prolonged exposure to radiation and toxic chemicals several new racial mutations now exist. These new races are known as Chosen, Tribals, Ghouls, and Super Mutants. Following is a describtion of each available player character race.

Vault Dwellers
Vault dwellers are the decendents of the original halocaust refugees. Each Vault is ruled by an Overseer that works directly with the Vault A.I. to insure the survival of the Vault and protect the common good. Most vault dwellers have access to advanced medicine, computers, and advanced education. The available starting occupations for Vault Dwellers are the Academic, Creative, Dilletante, Doctor, Law Enforcement, Student, Technician, and other White Collar jobs. There are also two occupations unique to Vault Dwellers; the Vault Guardian and the Vault Offical.

Vault Guardian
You are trained to protect the Vault from the hostile outside world and are both feared and respected for your daring. You may draw upon all of the Vault's reasources, but you are often sent on what are considered suicide missions by the Vault's leadership. These missions are often bloody and ruthless. The time you spend away from the Vault puts a distance between you and the rest of your community and your experiences make you alien in their eyes.
Prerequisites: Age: 18+, Strong devotion to your Vault.
Skills: Choose three skills of the following skills as permanent class skills. If a skill you have selected you selected already exists as a class skill, you recieve a +1 competence bonus with that skill.
Computer Use, Demolitions, Disable Device, Move Silently, Navigate, Repair, Sleight of Hand, and Survival.
Bonus Feat: Choose one of the following Archaic Weapons Proficiency, Combat Martial Arts, or Personal Firearms Proficiency.
Reputation Bonus: +1
Weath Bonus: +0

Vault Offical
As a first level character you start as an aprentice overseer and seek to learn about Vault administration and politics so that one day you can assume the highest post in the Vault. Being a Vault Offical can be a violent job since the tight living quarters tends the intensify stress and discontent. The first interuption of the food or water supply can erupt into riots and revolutions as people seek to insure their own survival. More than one Overseer has been removed by assassination to clear the way for a change in government.
Prerequisites: Age: 21+
Skills: Choose three skills of the following skills as permanent class skills. If a skill you have selected you selected already exists as a class skill, you recieve a +1 competence bonus with that skill.
Bluff, Computer Use, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Knowledge (any).
Weath Bonus: +2

Wastelanders are the humans that had to survive outside the vaults, their lives are often harsh and short since they often lack treatment for radiation poisoning or gene therapy. Technology in the wastelands is spotty and hoarded. Most wastelanders have no access to modern medicine, computers, or advanced education. A few groups know as Tribals have regressed to the Stone Age in terms of knowledge and technology. The available starting occupations for Wastelanders are the Adventure, Athlete, Celebrity, Creative, Criminal, Emergency Services, Investigative, Military, Rural, and other Blue Collar jobs. The one exception is the Children of the Cathedral since most pursue as religious callings. Two occupations unique to wastelanders are the Caravan Guard and the Wasteland Merchant.

Caravan Guard
Caravan Guards protect the migratory merchants that allow wastelanders to survive. They frequently guard cargos of brahmin cattle and water as well as scarce technology and ore. Motorized transport is nearly unheared of in the wastelands so most guards are also skilled wagon drivers.
Prerequisites: Age: 18+
Skills: Choose two skills of the following skills as permanent class skills. If a skill you have selected you selected already exists as a class skill, you recieve a +1 competence bonus with that skill.
Drive (wagon), Handle Animals, Intimidate, Knowledge (tactics), Listen, Navigate, Ride, Sense Motive, Spot, Survival.
Bonus Feat: Choose one of the following Brawl, Light Armor Proficiency, or Personal Firearms Proficiency.
Wealth Bonus: +1

Wasteland Merchant
Wasteland Merchants maintain the delicate ties that preserve life in the wasteland. They deliver water to where its needed, drive brahmin (two headed cattle) to market, and spread knowledge and technology through out the countryside. Some merchants are opportunists and ruthless profiteers, but most see the logic in repeat costumers and friendly trading posts.
Prerequisites: Age: 21+
Skills: Choose three skills of the following skills as permanent class skills. If a skill you have selected you selected already exists as a class skill, you recieve a +1 competence bonus with that skill.
Bluff, Diplomancy, Gamble, Gather Information, Knowledge (business, current events, history, or streetwise), Survival.
Weath Bonus:: +2

Four New Non-Human Races

All non-human races start with 4 fewer skill points and gain one less skill point for each class level gained.

Chosen are a race of psionic humanoids that exist in the wastelands. They are extremely arrogant and often start fights with others to prove their superiority. They look almost the same as humans, but their eyes are solid black and their bodies are naturally lean. Most Chosen dye their hair neon colors to further distinguish themselves.
In the world of Fallout, Chosen are the only race that posses psionic powers and can gain acess to the Telepath and Battle Mind advanced classes.
Species Traits
Size: Medium Humanoids
Lifespan: 60 years barring injury or illness.
Attribute Modifiers: -2 STR, +2 WIS
Base Speed: 30ft
Racial Bonuses: +1 luck bonus on all saves.
Racial Bonus Feat: All chosen possess the Wild Talent feat.
Available Occupations: Same as Wastelander. Most Chosen are Criminals or Military.

Tribals are neo-neanderthals that have fallen back into the Stone Age. Most have no knowledge of technology, history, or even written language. In addition, tribals are hardier and more toxin resistant than normal humans. As a non-human race, Tribals do not gain as many skill points as a human of the same class. A tribal starts with 4 fewer skill points and gain one less skill point per experience level. Some tribals have delved into the mystic arts and they are the only race that can take magic using classes. The Mystic is the most common, but the Acolyte, Glamourist, and Wild Lord are also available. Additionally, some brave souls attempt to master "arcane" magic by the Hoo-Jum advance class. Tribals are generally bald or mostly bald, but otherwise closely resemble humans.
Species Traits
Size: Medium sized humanoids
Lifespan: Same as a human barring injury
Attribute Modifiers: CON +2, INT -2.
Base Speed: 30ft
Illiteracy: It costs two skill points for a tribal to gain literacy in any language they speak.
Racial Skill Bonus: +2 to Survival, Look, and Spot skill checks.
Racial Bonus Feat: All tribals possess Archaic Weapon Proficiency.
Free Language Skill: Speak Tribal
Available Occupations: Adventurer, Apothecary, Creative, Criminal, Hedge Wizard, Noviate, and Rural.

Ghouls are a mutation that affects around 5% of all wastlander births. Unlike normal children, these children die soon after puberty, and are reborn as sentient undead. Ghouls are rarely tolerated within most communities, but some ghouls have started their own towns. Gecko and Necropolis are two famous examples of this. Few living people can stand to be around ghouls because even though they are still alive their bodies are slowly decaying. The skin of the creature goes first and then bits of muscle tissue so the bones show through. As undead creatures, ghouls are unable to sexually reproduce.
Species Traits
Size: Medium Undead Humanoids
Lifespan: The brain starts to rot after 80 years, and loses 1 INT point every ten year until the creature is a mindless undead.
Attribute Modifiers: No Constitution Score, -4 CHA (1 point minimum).
Base Speed: 20ft, all ghoul are "slow".
Special Qualities: A ghoul possesses all undead traits, ghouls are immune to radiation.
Available Occupations: Same as the wastelander, but most can only work for other ghouls.

Super Mutants
Super Mutants are the survivors of the of the super trooper experiments of the late 22nd century. They are larger than ordinary humans (7 to 8ft tall and weight at least 400lbs), live longer, are resistant to toxins and radiation, and have light green skin. Fortunately, they are unable to reproduce and can only be created by test tube otherwise they would completely dominate the surface world. Most of the super mutants that exist were created before the war. But a few groups have tried to create their own super mutant armies since then.
Species Traits
Size: Medium Monsterous Humanoid.
Maximum Lifespan: 200+4d20 yrs barring injury or disease
Attribute Modifiers: +2 STR, -2 DEX, +2 CON, -2 INT, -2 CHA.
Base Speed: 20ft
Natural Armor Bonus: The tough mutant hide of the character provides a +1 natural armor.
Bonus Feat: All super mutants have the Simple Weapon Proficiency feat.
Racial Abilities: Ageless Bodies (EX): Super mutants experience no penalties or benefits from old age.
Level Adjustment: +0

Available Occupations: Military, super mutants were always trained as soldiers.

New Advanced Class

Hoo-jum Advance Class

A hoo-jum scorns the use of spellbooks and arcane formulas. Instead a Hoo-jum seeks to channel the divine energies that flow through the world for his own use. Most hoo-jum are illiterate, but they have developed personalized songs and chants that allow them to cast their divine spells. The dress in a manner to impress other tribals; and therefore, cover themselves with "tattoos of power" and will apply new permanent non-magical tattoos for important cerimonies.

To qualify to become a Hoo-Jum, a character must fullfill the following criteria.
Race: Tribal
Skills: Perform (sing): 6 ranks, Knowledge (theology/philosophy): 6 ranks, Concentration: 6 ranks, Craft (tattoo): 6 ranks.

Class Information
Hit Die: +1d6 per level.
Action Points: The Hoo-Jum gains a number of action points equal to 6 plus one-half their experience level (round down) for each gain in this class
Skill Points: +6+Intelligence Modifier per class level.
Class Skills: Bluff, Craft (tattoo), Concentration, Disguise, Diplomancy, Gather Information, Intimidate, Knowledge (arcana, behavioral sciences, earth sciences, history, popular cultural, or theology/philosophy), Profession, Sense Motive, Spellcraft.

Class Features
Level BAB Fort Ref Will Special Defense Reputation

1st . . +0 . +0 . +0 . +1 . Spell Skills, Divine Spells +1 +0
2nd . .+1 . +0 . +0 . +2 . Unnerving Calm +1 +0
3rd . .+1 . +1 . +1 . +2 . Bonus Feat, Scribe Tattoo +2 +1
4th . .+2 . +1 . +1 . +2 . Spirit Guide +2 +1
5th . .+2 . +1 . +1 . +3 . Arcane spontaneous casting +3 +1
6th . .+3 . +2 . +2 . +3 . Bonus Feat +3 +2
7th . .+3 . +2 . +2 . +4 . Spell Focus +4 +2
8th . .+4 . +2 . +2 . +4 . Dreamwalking +4 +2
9th . .+4 . +3 . +3 . +4 . Bonus Feat +5 +3
10th. .+5 . +3 . +3 . +5 . Lingering Dream +5 +3

Spellcasting Skills The character can now gain ranks in spellcraft and knowledge (arcana).

Divine Spells The Hoo-Jum can cast spell according to the table below modified by their CHARISMA modifier. The Acolyte's spell list is available to the Hoo-jum.

Hoo-Jum —Spells per Day by Spell Level—
Level 0 1 2 3 4 5
1st . 3 1 — — — —
2nd . 4 2 — — — —
3th . 4 2 1 — — —
4th . 4 3 2 — — —
5th . 4 3 2 1 — —
6th . 4 3 3 2 — —
7th . 4 4 3 2 1 —
8th . 4 4 3 3 2 —
9th . 4 4 4 3 2 1
10th. 4 4 4 3 3 2

Unnerving Calm: The tranquility of the Hoo-jum in dire circumstances and despite grevous injury is frightening to the superstitious. The Hoo-jum adds his Constitution modifier to all "Intimidation" and "Bluff" checks.

Bonus Feat: The Hoo-jum can take any feat related to magic or spellcasting as a bonus class feat.

Scribe Tatoo: Same as the FX feat discribed in the d20 Modern book. The Hoo-jum makes extensive use of tattoo's on their own body and well as the skin of people they favor.

Spirit Guide: The Hoo-jum gains an animal companion with a hit dice total equal to his Hoo-jum class level. The hoo-jum believes that this animal was sent to them from the spirit world to guard them from ill fortune and gives the hoo-jum prophetic dreams as they sleep. The animal is easy to train and can learn a number of tricks equal to double the hoo-jum's class level.

Arcane Spontaneous Casting: The Hoo-jum can choose a number of mage spells equal to his WIS modifier from levels 0 to 4. These spells the hoo-jum casts as divine spells.

Dreamwalking: The Hoo-jum can speak with others in their dreams. This ability only functions on people they have personally met and touched. The effect only allows for a single hour of communication and requires a Concentration check to initiate. Using this skill prevents the hoo-jum from using his or her most powerful spells (the highest level spells the hoo-jum can cast) for 24 hours since it drains his magical reaserves.

Concentration Check to initiate contact.
Met Once: 30 DC
Met Several Times: 25 DC
Member of their Tribe: 20 DC
Blood Relative: 15 DC
Son or Daughter: 10 DC

Lingering Dream: The hoo-jum has developed such strong ties to the dream world he gains the "Outsider" type. The hoo-jum is no longer aftected by spells that specifically target humanoids.


The technology of the world of Fallout is a mixture of the latest 22nd century innovations and the crude weapons that can be constructed with the tools available in the wastelands. Ballistic weapons of all types are common as well as archaic weapons for those with out the knowledge or reasorces to build guns. Energy weapons and computers of all types are much rarer and are frequently hoarded by the powerful or the greedy.

Thrown Weapons

Thrown Weapons, Explosives, And Splash Weapons Table

Weapon Damage Crit Type Burst Reflex Range Size Weight Purchase
Radius Save Inc. DC
Seed Spike 1d2 20 Piercing na na 10 ft. Tiny 0.1lbs. na
Pop Rock 1d6/1pt. - Sonic Splash None 10 ft. Tiny 1 lb. 10
Thorne Knife 1d6 20 Piercing na na 10 ft. Tiny 1 lb. 12
Grenade, frag 4d6 — Slashing 20 ft. 15 10 ft. Tiny 1 lb. 18
Grenade, plasma 5d6 - Fire 10 ft. 15 10 ft. Small 2 lb. 18
Grenade, Pulse Special — Electricity 20 ft. 15 10 ft. Small 2 lb. 16

Seed Spike
A seed spike comes from the Spore Plant. This mutant botanical monster fires seed spike into its target to propogate its kind. No one wants a Spore Plant growing in their garden, but the seed spikes can be used as throwing weapons. A seed spike inflicts 1d2/x2 piercing damage and only weighs a tenth of a pound. It is an archaic weapon.

Pop Rock
A pop rock is a naturally occuring mineral that explodes on impact. They are both a weapon and a hazard since stepping on one will detonate it. A pop rock inflicts 1d6 sonic damage to the target and 1pt of damage to all adjacent victims.

Thorne Knife
This knife was created before the war. It is made of titanium, laser sharpened, and balaced for throwing. If used as a melee weapon it inflicts a -4 on any attack roll. It is an archaic weapon.

Grenade, Frag
A frag grenade inflicts 4d6 slashing damage to all in a 20-foot radius burst.

Grenade, Plasma
A plasma grenade contains a tiny fusion reactor that overloads thirty seconds after the grenade is triggered.
When a plasma grenade detonates, it produces geysers of flame that fill a 10-foot burst radius. All creatures and objects within the burst radius take 5d6 points of fire damage. The blast also ignites clothing and other flammable items.

Grenade, Pulse
A pulse grenade releases an electromagnetic pulse that instantly shorts out all electronic devices (including computers) within a 20-foot burst radius. Affected devices remain nonfunctional until repaired (see the Repair skill description for details).
The EMP grenade deals no damage to living creatures. However, a creature with cybernetic attachments takes 1d6 points of electricity damage per cybernetic attachment (maximum 5d6) and must succeed on a Fortitude save (DC 15) or be stunned for 1d4 rounds. If the cybernetically enhanced creature rolls a natural 1 on its Fortitude save, each of its cybernetic attachments takes 1d6 points of electricity damage as well.
An EMP grenade deals 5d6 points of electricity damage to a power armor suit or robot.

Molotov Cocktail
A Molotov Cocktail is also a common grenade weapon but it is generally filled with alcohol rather than gasoline.


In addition to all the ballistic weapons described in the d20 Modern Core Rulebook. A number of specialized weapons exist each is treated is treated as an exotic weapon.

Exotic Firearms Table
Weapon Damage Crit Type RI ROF Mag. Size Weight Cost
(Heavy) DC
BigBazooka* 1d100 20 Bal. 200ft 1 1 Large 15 lbs 18
14mm Bozar 2d12 20 Bal. 120ft S 30 Huge 30 lbs 22
Flamer 4d6 - Fire 30ft cone 1 5 Large 18 lbs 24
10mm Minigun 1d20 20 Bal. 100ft A 120 Huge 22 lbs 24

BigBazooka: The Rockwell BigBazooka was the most common rocket lancher of U.S. army for taking out armored positions and large infantry groups. Only a character with a STR of 13 or higher can use this weapon without a -2 AB penalty.

14mm Bozar: This weapon is an oversized sniper rifle that must be braced against a motionless surface for most troops to fire accurately.

Flamer: The flamer is an advanced flamethrower made of ceramic alloys. It fires a cone of flame 30ft long and 30ft wide. Anyone caught in the path must make a Reflex Save vs. the User's Attack Roll to avoid damage. The main problem facing users of this weapon is finding its scarce fuel. Unloaded the weapon weighs 18lbs, but loaded it weighs thirty pounds. Only a character with a STR of 13+ can use a flamer without a -2 AB penalty.

10mm Minigun: The minigun rests against the user's hip and possess six rotating barrels. With this weapon, the wielder can shoot at a rate of 600 rounds a minute. Only a character with a STR of 15+ can shoot this weapon with out a -2 AB penalty.

Special Ammunition
Hollow Point (JHP): This bullet adds +2 damage to unarmored target, but substracts 2 from damage inflicted on armored creatures. Cost DC: +2 the normal cost of the bullet.
Full Metal Jacketed (FMJ): This bullet ignores 2 points of armor or natural armor when you roll to hit. Cost DC: +5.
14mm (50): Cost DC: 6
*AP Rocket(4 lbs): Ignores 10 points of armor or hardness (2ft rad.), Cost DC:16
*HE Rocket(3 lbs): Inflicts damage to all within a 20ft blast radius, Cost DC:16

Energy Weapons

All energy weapons are powered by micro-fusion cells. Laser weapons have a longer range but inflict less damage. Plasma weapons have a shorter range but inflict more damage per shot. Both plasma and laser weapons require the Energy Weapon Proficiency feat to use without penalty (-4 AB).

Laser pistol: 2d8/20, Type: Fire, RI: 40 feet, ROF: S, Magazine: 12 shot cell, Size: Medium, Weight: 3 lb., Purchase DC: 17
Plasma pistol: 2d10/20, Type: Fire, RI: 30 feet, ROF: S, Magazine: 16 shot cell, Size: Medium, Weight: 3 lb., Purchase DC: 17
Laser sniper rifle: 3d8/20, Type: Fire, RI: 120 feet, ROF: S, Magazine: 24 shot cell, Size: Large, Weight: 14 lb. Purchase DC: 21
Plasma rifle: 3d10/20, Type: Fire, RI: 80 feet, ROF: S, Magazine: 32 shot cell, Size: Large, Weight: 8 lb., Purchase DC: 19
Laser Gattling Gun: 3d8/20, Type: Fire, RI: 100ft, ROF: A, Magazine: 120 shot cell, Size: Huge, Weight: 25 lbs, Purchase DC: 28. The wielder must have STR: 15+ to fire it without a -2 AB penalty.

Energy Ammunition:
Micro-Fusion Cell (20): 12
*each 20 shots weighs 2 lbs.

Special Melee Weapons
The required proficiency feat is indicated in the parentheses ().

Cattle Prod(Simple): 1d8 on a touch attack, Type: electrical, Magazine: 20 shot fusion cell, Size: Medium, Weight: 5 lbs, Purchase DC: 9.
Power Fist(Simple): +4d6 to unarmed damage, Type: electrical, Magazine: 25 shot fusion cell, Size: Medium, Weight: 7 lbs, Purchase DC: 20.
Ripper Knife(Archaic): 2d6/19-20, Type:Slashing, Magazine: 15 shot fusion cell, Size: Small, Weight: 2lbs, Purchase DC: 12.
Spiked Knuckles(Simple): +2 to unarmed damage, Type:Piercing, Size: Tiny, Weight: 2 lbs, Purchase DC: 6.
Power Sledge (Archaic): 2d10/x3, Type:Bludgeoning, Magazine: 30 shot fusion cell, Size: Large, Size: Medium, Weight: 12 lbs, Purchase DC: 15.

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