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Cabbages & Kings: The Steampunk Renaisance

Wonderland Dwarves (Spades)

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The Spade Clan

The Spade Clan includes all dwarves and human relations.  This clan is well known for its metal workers, minors, and tradition of military service. It is also infamous for their feud with the Club Clan (Goblinoids & Orcs). A racial bonus versus these enemies reflects the traditional combat training given to Spade Clan members. The members of the Spade Clan compose the majority of the color party armies. Those not on the frontline work to support their brethren by providing the weapons and armor required for war. Spades are known for their loyalty and industry.

White Spades : This family has pledged their loyalty to the White Party. They form the backbone of the White officer core. In battle White Spades wear the heaviest armors and employ square tower shields marked with their birth rank (i.e. ‘#’ of Spades). White armies are heavily regimented and fight in a checkerboard pattern of 50ft-by-50ft tercios (“battle squares”) of a hundred men each. White Spades generally are slightly taller than other dwarves, have blonde or blue hair, and clear blue eyes.

Weapon Familiarity: Instead of the urgrosh, the “racial” double weapon of White Spades is the tschehouta. This double pointed spear is made with heavy wood and has a heavy weight at each end, just beneath each large spade shaped spear point.

TSHEHOUTA: Size: Med. or Large, W: 3 or 7lbs., 1d6/1d6 or 1d8/1d8, x2, Slashing., Cost: 90gp.

Red Spades : Red Spades are interested in amassing wealth and power for their families. Many are mine workers and craftsmen, but the majority work as mercenaries for their own color party or any other wealthy patron. The quality of each mercenary troop widely varies, but they are considered superior to any other racial group. Additionally Spade mercenaries have a reputation for holding up their end of any contract. Red Spades are famous for their braided hair and the herebra. Some even attach blades to braided hair or beards as a weapon. A herebra is a heavy tear shaped double edged sword that has all the same traits as a bastard sword. Red Spades always have red hair and swarthy skin.

Weapon Familiarity: Instead of the dwarven war axe, Red Spades prefer the herebra (Bastard Sword). Additionally, the Red Spades have an additional “racial” proficiency with Braid Blades. The wielder will split her or his hair or beard in two large braids and attach a tiny tear shaped blade. As the wielder spins he or she can make one additional attack each round with one blade at their highest base attack bonus. Unfortunately all attacks suffer a -2 penalty to hit when a braid blade is used.

BRAID BLADES: Tiny, 0.5lbs, 1d3, x2, Slashing, Cost: 1gp per blade.

Black Spades : The rest of the Spade Clan feels that Black Spades have no political loyalty or national pride. A Black Spade will say that your family should be first in your heart and mind. Black Spades hold the welfare of their families greater any other priority. Often they are considered unreliable and prone to nepotism, but wise employers never force them to choose between business and family. Black Spades generally work only for relatives and prefer keep all business dealings within family than to depend on outsiders. Family secrets are fiercely kept and family feuds are passed from one generation to the next. The armies of the Black party tend to be broken into Club Tribes and Spade Family units. Cooperation between Black army units is rare and brief.

Weapon Familiarity: Black Spades have a “racial” proficiency with the iron targe instead of the dwarven urgrosh. This targe is a round metal shield with a bronze rim and decorated enamel center. Although it is heavy, it has been balanced perfectly for throwing.

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