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Cabbages & Kings: The Steampunk Renaisance

Wonderland Elves
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The Hearts Clan

The Hearts Clan includes all elves, half elves, and human relations in the White, Red, Black, or Wild Parties.

White Hearts : White Hearts have been the nobles of Wonderland since the creation of the White Party. The Queen of Hearts herself is the leader of the White Party and all other positions of rank are filled by her relatives. White Hearts are known for their snobbery, arrogance, and conservatism. Wizardry is a common profession and supported by the Court as a way to combat the size of the other color parties with individual arcane skill. The White Hearts are very sensitive over their infertility. Even though many take human mistresses and quietly adopt half elves into their families, true bloods never let them forget their inferiority. The White branch of the clan is commonly albino from frequent inbreeding.

Unique Skills: The White Hearts know the secret of creating Faerie Foods. Faerie foods are potions made into a cakes, cookies, or candy. Unlike fluid potions, faerie foods can not spill; instead they will spoil after a week unless magically preserved. When a White Heart takes Brew Potion they are also skilled in cooking faerie foods.

Red Hearts♥: Red Hearts are the merchants, craftsmen, bankers, and robber barons of the Hearts Clan. With their long lifespan, they can amass massive fortunes. They are the “new money” families and are prone to flaunting their wealth and living beyond their means. This branch of the clan often marries outside their race, and so; they have no specific physical features beyond pointed ears.

Unique Skills: Red Hearts train their children early to always be punctual. Wherever a Red Heart is, he or she can always determine what time it is with a successful INT or WIS check (DC: 15 -5 if the sun is in sight).

Black Hearts♥: Black Hearts are the “black sheep” of the clan. They are the misfits and idealists that reject the confines of traditional Heart society. They are known for produce avant-garde artists, musicians, jewelers, and radical activists. Often they are the first to protest the violation a group’s freedom, but rarely stick with a political cause for long. The one exception is the elven succession of King Leopard IV. Black Hearts claim that their family is the true inheritors of the Heart Throne. This is the reason they joined the Black Party two thousand years ago during the effort to call a Constitutional Convention to shift the crown out of White Party hands. The most common occupations of Black Hearts are jeweler, bard, scholar, and wizard. Most of their wizards become obsessed with shadows and so many specialize in shadow based illusions. Black Hearts often wear face paint, tattoos, and multiple ear studs. Many also have their skin and eyes magically changed to their favorite colors. Since many have lived underground for generations, they have developed dark vision instead of low light vision.

Unique Skills: Black Hearts breed vermin like the surface world breeds domestic animals. Over the years, they have achieved remarkable results in crafting vermin as artworks, tools, and servants. Craft (vermin) mimics alchemy in producing bugs that have wondrous properties (DC: 15 to 20). They also produce vermin clothes and jewelry but this is only valuable to other Black Hearts.


Beetle Nuts: Eating one is equivalent to a trail ration. W: 0. Cost: 1gp

Candle Moth: This burning moth circles the user and lasts as long as an normal candle: W: 0. Cost: 1gp

Carpentry Ants: One pound of these ants will chew away 5 hit points of wood (ignore hardness) per round for 6 rounds. The ants can be spread upon a 5ftx5ft area to carve or destroy it. Craft (carpentry) is still required to make a wooden object but it is carved in a fraction of the time (reduce by 80%). Cost: 50gp

Crane Fly: A crane fly is a sticky wad of gum with wings. Each fly will lift 10lbs up to 5ft high for 10 rounds. Multiple flies can work together. Cost: 30gp

Fiddle Cricket: A fiddle cricket will play any single tune it has heard. After one song it dies (Usually 1d4 minutes). Bards gain a +5 Perform Bonus for any one song by using one. Cost: 100gp.

Living Carpet: A living carpet looks like a real carpet but is composed of hundreds of tiny vermin. By unrolling the carpet and placing a weight on it you activate it. Once activated the 5ftx5ft carpet will carry up to 300lbs for 10 rounds at a speed of 10ft per round (20ft/round downhill). Multiple carpets can only be used on very large objects. Cost: 300gp

Silk Worm Armor: Silk worm armor is lighter and more flexible than normal padded armor (Light, +1 bonus, +10 DEX, +0 check, 3% arcane failure, 3lbs) Cost: 50gp

War Vermin: A Large or Huge Vermin is bred to accept a Black Heart rider. Since the insect must be controlled by brute force, the any Ride skill is reduced by half, rounding down any fractions. The most common mounts are Centipedes, Beetles, Grasshoppers, Moths, and Snails.


♥Wild Hearts: Most Wild Hearts are Hermits (i.e. Druids) that prefer to live solitary lives. Others are criminals so vile or infamous that no color party can tolerate them.

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