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Cabbages & Kings: The Steampunk Renaisance

Wonderland Gnomes and Halflings
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"There is a natural aristocracy among men. The grounds of this are grace and talent."

The Diamond Clan

The Diamond Clan includes all Gnomes, Halflings, and human relations. They have a reputation for imagination, cleverness, greed, and garishness. All diamonds prefer to dress in their finest clothes so that others think they are more successful than they truly are. Most Diamonds are social butterflies and have a true love of parties and games. Many are compulsive gamblers, con artists, and daredevils. Most bards and rogues claim to be Diamonds or related to Diamonds since they are considered the entertainment elite.

White Diamonds ♦:
White Diamonds are the decorators, performers, and craftsmen of the White party. The follow all types of artistic vocation and mostly cater to the wealthy Elven nobility of the White party. They have become indispensable to the Crown by providing the White party with its glamour and creative innovations. White diamonds often paint their faces and dye their hair to match their clothes. They always dress in patchwork colors; silver & gold, copper & steel, yellow & blue, orange & purple, etc.
Unique Trait: White Diamonds are natural performers, and can always take the Perform skill as a class skill.

Red Diamonds :
Red Diamonds are entrepreneurs and arcane industrialists. They chafe at the restrictions and tariffs imposed by the White Heart Crown and seek to convert the nation to a true capitalist economy. Many have been forces of good by providing employment for the impoverished, while others have taken advantage of the poor by poisoning their land and bodies by their unrestrained factory wastes. Red Diamonds also engage in espionage through magic or skill and sell their information to the highest bidder, even though most mechanical innovations are the designs of Red Diamond inventors. Red Diamonds have a fetish for dressing in red. Many color their nails, hair, and teeth red as well.
Unique Skills: Red Diamonds have an intuitive feel for magical devices. All of them have Use Magic Device as a class skill regardless of their core class.

Black Diamonds : Black Diamonds are the adventures and scholars of their party. They are always seeking new knowledge or hidden treasures. Many are opportunists seeking power, fame, or wealth through discovery. Others believe that the only way to throw off the repressive government of the White Party is by radical new ideas, inventions, and political philosophies. Like most Blacks, they believe in their own righteousness and reject any compromise or correction. Many Black Diamonds suffer from paranoia and commonly encrypt their notes and spell books to prevent theft and spying. Black Diamonds like all Black Party members favor anthropomorphic costumes like rabbit ear hats, rat tail coats, and cloven hoof shoes. Theatrical make-up and illusion enhancements are also considered extremely fashionable. Anyone not wearing party costume is likely to considered uncommitted to Black Party ideals.
Unique Skills: Disguise is a class skill and fashion necessity for Black Diamonds.

Wild Diamonds : Wild Diamonds are commonly terrorists, cultists, and demagogs that use their natural charisma to manipulate others for personal gain or enjoyment.

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