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Cabbages & Kings: The Steampunk Renaisance

Wonderland Goblinoids and Orcs
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The Club Clan

The Clan of Clubs includes all goblinoids, orcs, half-orcs, and their human relatives. The clan is portrayed as malevolent, but they are no more evil than any other clan. The majority of Clubs are part of the Black party and live most of their lives underground. Since most Clubs are strong, but aren’t as clever or socially adept as the other clans, they pursue careers as soldiers, factory workers, and migrant laborers in Wonderland. For the most part, Clubs are on the bottom rung of society just above “Wilds”, but because of an instinctive pack mentality they will follow a leader that displays strength and marginal goodwill. Egalitarianism is foreign to a Club’s understanding of social order and his natural instincts.

White Clubs : White Clubs have been the servants and cannon fodder of the White party for generations. Most have accepted their role as the servants and foot soldiers except for the few who seek promotion to noncommissioned officers (i.e. sergeants) and labor overseers. The few nonconformists are encouraged to change party allegiance as soon as they reach maturity before they have given their allegiance oath. This is seen as an excellent way to avoid trouble in the future. The White Party leaders are aware that too much oppression will alienate their Clubs so they employ a “carrot and stick” regime. Loyal Clubs will gain wealth and power over their fellows while mutineers are executed. White Clubs always wear a tabard decorated with the coat of arms of their master or commanding officer.

Unique Tactics: White party military doctrine emphasizes group tactics. As a part of basic training, all White Clubs can link shields and increase their shield bonus by +1 AC, but their speed is reduced by half. This tactic is called the “turtle” and requires all its members to ready a heavy shield or tower shield in self defense. A group of four is the smallest number of White Clubs that can employ this tactic.

Red Clubs : Most Red Clubs come for the new jobs available from industrial growth. They work in the factories and the sweat shops for small wages, but for most this is an improvement over the poverty they fled. Many Red Clubs also join mercenary outfits. These outfits are considered second tier to Spade mercenaries so they must take meager or lethal contracts. The most desperate or malevolent join organized crime rings as bookies, leg breakers, thieves, and smugglers. A new rising class of Red Clubs is the Union Organizer (a.k.a. the Unionist). A Unionist tries to organize laborers to stand up for better working conditions and better pay. Frequently, these disputes with management dissolve into street riots so a Unionist must be as skilled in combat as propaganda. Red Clubs dress according to their wealth, but most favor pin strip suits and dresses.

Unique Tactics: Red Clubs can quickly improvise weapons out of the objects around him or her, and only take a -2 attack roll penalty when fighting with one. Improvised weapon damage depends on the object’s size, and the throwing range increment is limited to 10ft.

Diminutive (vial, inkwell, pebble, nail): 1 point.

Tiny (mug, dungeon key, soup ladle, fist sized rock): 1d2

Small (bottle, vase, candlestick, encyclopedia): 1d3

Medium (stool, brick, knapsack, manacles, coal bucket): 1d4

Large (dust bin, mandolin, chair, fire iron, ball and chain): 1d6

Huge (10ft ladder, mailbox, oil barrel, bench, sawhorse): 1d8

Gargantuan (desk, cabinet, large sofa, horse buggy, office safe): 2d6

Colossal (one ton boulder, telegraph pole, streetlamp): 2d8

Black Clubs: In the Black Party, Clubs have a true opportunity to rise in rank, since the vast majority of all Black Party members are Black Clubs. Unfortunately, they lack any of the unity of the other color parties. Each Black Club tribe acts for their own advantage, and any call to arms by the party will summon less than a third of the total Black Club militia. In spite of this, several of the Black Kings have been Clubs including the current party ruler. If the Black King could ever mobilize all of his subjects, he would have no trouble take the Wonderland throne by either election by the House of Lords or military coup. Unfortunately, Black Clubs are prone to infighting and petty jealousies. Like all other Clubs, Black Clubs come in a variety of sizes and shapes and are considered the originators of animal costume fashion.

Unique Skills: Proficiency with a “Club” is a status symbol among Black Clubs. Often non-lethal combat with a club is considered an art form and a sport. Any Black Club wielding a club can inflict either lethal or subdual damage without any attack penalty.

Wild Clubs: Wild Clubs are the most numerous type of “Wild” in Wonderland. Wild Clubs are almost always barbarian tribes that have not yet been integrated into Wonderland social order. Unlike most Wilds, these groups aren’t scorned so much as pitied by society for their ignorance. They are often the targets of missionaries of the Church of the Patron and many are successfully converted to the faith. Clubs are hardly ever rejected by the Black party as a whole because the Black party is so factionalized.

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